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Mastering Requirements with Use Cases, User Stories and More (2-Day Class)

Read any article on the challenges that projects face today and you will find “requirements” in the top two. Many of us have taken various courses on one tool or another, yet find the techniques hard to apply in our real work on a consistent basis. The problem is that there is not a one-size-fits-all method to elicit requirements that will bring the most value to your project. Great requirements call for changing how you elicit, communicate, organize, and prioritize requirements based on the specific project and organizational culture.

This comprehensive two-day class will provide business analysts with the information they need to develop great requirements. Participants will learn how to develop use cases and user stories to support their projects. The class will also provide information on modeling, organizing, prioritizing, and communicating requirements. Students will gain an understanding that helps them decide when to use each practice and how much effort is required to get the most out of them. Included is a demonstration of a requirements management tool to help participants understand the value and benefits of purchasing a solution.


This class is for anybody who has responsibility for delivering quality requirements.

What you will learn

  • Confidently write and evaluate use cases, user stories, and detailed requirements
  • Know when to use each tool to maximize your time in developing high value requirements
  • Manage, prioritize, and communicate requirements
  • Understand requirements management systems

About Vicki James

Vicki James has been involved in project development since 1999, serving as both business analyst and project manager. She is both PMP and CBAP certified. She is a skilled trainer, presenter, and facilitator with a passion to share best practices to make the lives of her others easier and more productive. Vicki is a known expert in her field, having provided guest blog posts for Karl Wiegers,, Ah Ha Moments, and PM Chat post and web radio program. Her blend of expertise in project management and business analysis gives her insight to set the stage for a project environment that fosters success.

Included with course 

  • Wiegers, K. E. Software Requirements, Second Edition. Redmond, WA: Microsoft Press, 2003.
  • Cohn, M. User Stories Applied, for Agile Software Development. Boston, MA: Addison-Wesley Professional, 2004.

Contact me at or 360.951.1873 to schedule this training for your organization.

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