Vicki James, PMP, CBAP, PMI-PBA, CSM

formerly of Professional Project Services, LCC

Happy Holidays from Professional Project Services

I hope this holiday seasons find you and your family and loved ones well. It took me a while to figure out the perfect gift for you to show my appreciation of your support of Professional Project Services, and by extension, me. Thank you so much for following and I look forward to supporting you in your professional endeavors throughout 2013 and beyond.

I have created the linked Reading Guide to project books to help you find the book or books that will best match your needs. I will go beyond the reviews and provide additional information on target audience, specific focus, and reference or read through. I hope you enjoy and please send me your book recommendations as I work to build my 2013 reading list.

And now a Happy Holidays message from my oldest girl, Lucy…


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